About Us

Evincy Cosmetic Group Pty Ltd is a member company under the Everwell Medical Group. It is an integrated international cosmetic chain service, which combines health management and medical skincare. Evincy always adhere on customer experience and satisfaction, having the Australian senior medical team, globally advanced equipment and qualified medicine. We match service and price in a reasonable way to provide the most professional and perfection medical service, to satisfy the requirements of all ages and all skin types, to let our customer’s beauty from inside out.

Evincy’s doctors are all top qualified in Australia and cosmetic nurses are all Australian registered nurses. They all had professional training and awarded with many international honours. All our five cosmetic centres are located in the best locations in Australia with the first-class environment, operating room, beauty salon, treatment room, waiting room and so on. Evincy promises all customers that all our products and equipment have the approval from The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Treating all our customers with concentrative, diligent, elaborative, intimate and loving service.

Lisa Ye

  • Everwell Medical Group     Chairwoman
  • Evincy Cosmetic Group      CEO
  • Everwell Charity                 Chairwoman

Accumulating over 15 years of  company management experience, as an original lover of Evincy Cosmetic Group Pty Ltd, Lisa believes that we have a responsibility to deliver the best cosmetic medical products and service that will help each women reveal her own unique beauty.  Inspiring women to “feel the beauty”, Lisa looks forward to developing, expanding and evolving the Evincy to the largest Australian Cosmetic Medial Clinic.

EVINCY Brand Concept & Story

E: Elegance Attitude

V: Valiant Heart

 I: Independent Spirit

N: Nobleness Character

C: Charming Personality

Y: Youthful Appearance, Mind and Heart.

Evincy Cosmetic  Group’s CEO Lisa Ye thinks: “Both men and women should have an elegant attitude, a brave heart, a spirit of independence, a noble character, a charismatic personality and the beauty of youth from inside out.” And that’s where Evincy’s brand names come from. Back to the original heart, Lisa has perfectly integrated this concept into the brand soul. She combines Everwell Medical Group team with high end medical products and advanced technologies, attentively opened the future door of cosmetic medical industry. Evincy assures to treat every client with love to create a perfect transformation of their own journey.