Laser Snoring Treatment

Laser Snoring Treatment




Laser snoring treatment works by moderately heating soft tissues in throat. This stimulates collagen regeneration which creates a tightening effect – reducing the vibrations that cause snoring.

With laser snoring treatment the procedure is quick and comfortable, usually taking about 20-30 minutes. Thanks to the moderate energy produced by the laser – there is no burning or cutting so you can eat, drink and talk normally as soon as your appointment is finished.

Laser snoring treatment is offered in a series of treatments – requiring 3-5 visits depending on individual patient factors. Research has found that by completing an annual maintenance appointment the benefits of NightLase treatment can be maintained long term.1

Why choose laser snoring treatment?
Laser snoring treatment is a proven snoring treatment that is only growing in popularity.

Studies on laser snoring treatment have shown it to be a highly effective method to stop snoring. One study found 95% of patients treated with laser snoring treatment saw improvements in their snoring. Other studies found that snoring symptoms improved by 85% following a complete course of Laser snoring treatment and that 80% of patients reported being able to breathe easier, with higher levels of alertness and focus.

High treatment success rates.
Effective, long term results.
Walk In, Walk Out – no pain, no downtime.
No Gadgets, Oral Splints or Surgery.