Sagging Skin

Sagging Skin

Causes of sagging skin

Sagging skin inevitably develops with age as skin loses its natural elasticity and collagen production decreases. Intrinsic ageing factors such as frequent facial expressions, positions during sleep, smoking and sun exposure can prematurely age your skin and cause sagging.

The biggest cause of sudden skin sagging is from extreme or rapid weight reduction, often leaving skin over-stretched and saggy. This is common especially for women post pregnancy.

Common areas effected

Due to the various causes of skin sagging, the unflattering effect can occur anywhere on the body and to anyone.

The most requested treatment areas are the face, stomach, knees, thighs and upper arms.

Treatment of these areas are non-invasive, painless and are a quick, walk-in walk-out procedure.

Unparalleled service and expertise

At Evincy, we bring you unparalleled service and expertise in the treatment of stretched and sagging skin.

We have the largest and most diverse range of high-tech lasers, ultrasound and skincare technology, ensuring our treatments are cutting-edge and tailored for each individual.